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Welcome, I'm Roxanne.

I'm the maker and creator of The Holistic Mama products. Each product in my store has been carefully handcrafted with ingredients chosen for very specific reasons. You won't find anything in my products that isn't healthy and nourishing to your skin and overall health.

If you're into natural living you may know me already as the writer of The Holistic Mama the blog. That's where you'll learn more about my impossibly high standards for toxin-free beauty, remedies, products for the home, and organic food.

My Personal Health Struggle

I struggled with my skin my whole life.

As a teen I as prescribed a daily low-dose antibiotic to solve my problems with acne. This cleared my skin in the short term but simultaneously ruined my gut health.

By my mid-20's the acne came back because I had no defense system in my gut. I started noticing digestive problems and I was so constipated all the time. My body was not properly detoxing and was keeping all the toxins in my gut which eventually started to come out through my skin as breakouts.

After years of trying different diets and different skin products (including my own creations), I finally healed my body and I am in a place now where I have clear skin and a healthy gut.

My Health Struggles Inspired me to Start The Holistic Mama...

Knowing the damage I had caused to my own health through toxic food and medicine I was determined to prevent this from happening to my own children.

The more and more I learned, I realized that these chemicals and toxins are everywhere. It wouldn't be an easy job to avoid them all but I was determined to do the best possible job I could do for my children.


After hearing amazing stories from my mother and sister, I enrolled in the Health Coach training program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Changed my life forever!! I learned how to heal myself with food, clear up my skin, and heal my gut. Here I am working as a grad leader -->
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I found out I was having a baby!! Feeling grateful I already made changes in my diet... (thanks to my education at IIN).


During my pregnancy, I found out that some of my favorite skin care products were not safe for pregnant women.

I was appalled!!

It didn't take long to realize I had to get rid of everything I was using because nothing was pure!

Even the so-called "natural" products still contained preservatives, parabens, and other nasty stuff!!

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I started my blog, The Holistic Mama as a way to spread the word about toxic beauty products, and share my journey in making changes towards a cleaner lifestyle.

My goal was to help others who struggled with the skin problems and digestive issues I was solving for myself through diet and a clean lifestyle.

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I started to become very frustrated with current products on the market. None of the natural products were working. I decided to start making my own moisturizers and cleansers at home.

For the next two years, I created and refined my recipes and started giving them to friends to try out.



I started selling my products at local craft fairs and farmer's markets and started selling a few products online.

On my blog, I started hosting online nutrition programs and cleanses to help people get healthy, clean up their diet, and solve skin problems through food.


The Holistic Mama products are sold in Whole Foods (Hyannis, MA) and my online store expands.

The Holistic Mama blog and nutrition programs continue to reach and help more people solve their skin and digestive issues through food and natural healing.


Join me on this journey of health & happiness!

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